Boston Mission Trip 2021 – We missed a few updates..

It’s been a few days since we have posted. Not for a lack of what to right, more because we haven’t had time! Our last few days in Boston were packed full with activities and hanging out with the Next Step Staff! One student has written about his week and time in Boston! Enjoy – Leigha

Hello my name is Eric Abbott. this week I have been in Boston with my church group. the first day was ok we drove to this decent hotel. we woke up really early so that we could get on the road. As most would expect driving for hours was boring. It wasn’t bad though because I had my friends to talk to and play games with. Jumping ahead to the middle of the week we were at the hotel in Boston and we got up a bit late. after waking up we went to the church. everyone was a bit tired but after breakfast everyone was ready to work. I got to paint with my friend Max and a nice lady named Harley. the day went slow but eventually we made it to lunch time. Lunch time was interesting, mainly because we had to do something called devotion. Devotion was just a time where we read stuff from the bible, and had questions to answer and where we could talk about are thoughts. The rest of the day was the same as usual we went to shower, and then we got dinner after a bit of free time. On Thursday we woke up really early again and had breakfast. Then I painted and when lunch rolled around we went to a place with old people. for lunch we had pizza and pop. all was pretty good after that we went back to work. for dinner we went to a restaurant and I got a 5oz lobster roll. I wish I would have gotten the 6oz, but it was still good. I was a bit thirsty so I got me and Max a Chocolate Banana smoothie. when I say this drink was heavenly I mean it.

Boston Mission Trip 2021 – Day 3

Another day is in the books! It was a hot one but it finally rained which brought in the cool weather and we are oh so excited! We have another day of work and then we will enjoy some time exploring Boston and the beach. Be watching for pictures! – Leigha

Hi, my name is Madyson Bombard. Today I worked mostly with Esther on the stairs going down to the basement, and Caden joined us later. It took a lot of adjusting, but we were finally able to get the stringers level. We all went to Five Guys for lunch and then went back to our jobs. After working for a while longer, we finished the work day with our crews. In worship we focused on talking about where each of us are individually in our relationships with God. Over the trip so far, I have learned that things are not always going to be right on the first try, and you have to be patient in order to get them right. My favorite part of today was getting to work with new people.

Hi, my name is Gabby Schumacher, today i worked on demo with Spencer, Lyle, Isaac, Maxwell, also i worked on pulling the tile up on church floor. It took a lot of worked but we got it done. it was very hot and sweaty. We all went to five guys for lunch and that was fun for getting out and enjoying our lunch with air conditioner. In worship we talked about hale riddle how he passed away and how this one man” i forgot his name ” he was really into this man and he talked about him. My favorite part of today was doing demo and finally getting the upstairs done like framing.

Boston Mission Trip 2021 – Day 2

Day 2 is almost over and our group was working at the Boys and Girls club again doing a variety of tasks which will be talked about below. We also had some time to try out Ice Cream at Richardson’s Ice Cream. It was delicious and had so many flavors to try from. We are excited for a night of games together and with the Next Step staff and another day of working hard and growing together! – Leigha – Enjoy what two of our group members had to say about their day!

My name is Maddox Wiener, I painted and recoated some walls and door frames in the morning and taped some windows so they could be painted later. Later before Lunch I went upstairs to help Dale with the door frame and me and Spencer finished it. After Spencer left Dale and I started another door frame. After that we ate lunch and I immediately got back to work with Dale and we finished the second door frame. Dale and I went on a water break that lasted an hour when we found everyone relaxing outside and looking for treasure. Then Isaac, Maxwell, and I broke stuff in the Chapel.

My name is Isaac Jahnz, I painted one wall and a door frame in the morning. Later before Lunch I started demo in the chapel . After that we ate lunch I got back to work then we found a treasure map. And looked for the treasure we didn’t find it. Then we had a huge break and we kinda did only a little work.

Boston Mission Trip 2021 – Day 1

Leaving Saturday morning bright and early ready for our 12 hr drive!

We MADE IT! It was a long two days in the car driving through 8 different states to make it to Boston. While we will be in Boston on Friday and a few other days we are actually working in a city next to Boston, Stoneham. Our work this week will focus on helping the Boys and Girls club create a new space for this community. The Boys and Girl Club allows teens to come hang out, play, create, and get the support they so desperately need and are looking for. We can’t wait to tell you more about our week and experience at the worksites and in worship. Follow along for more updates and below you can find out what the kids did and learned! -Blessings, Leigha

Yo whats up i’m Spencer Wicktor and i’m on the 2021 Boston mission trip. Today at the worksite, me and my group made benches and put the backs of the benches on for a pool that the Boys and Girls club own and operate. In the bible study we talked about “the artist” and how God is an artist for us. I saw God in my 15 minute nap that I took at the worksite, it was very nice because it refreshed me and fueled me to go do more work. My favorite part of the day was bonding with the group and making benches.

Whats up Im Caden Schlichting and Im on the 2021 Boston mission trip. Today at the worksite me, Dale, Cora, Hannah, and Esther (who are apart of the Next Step staff) put up studs in the attic. I saw God when I took a break from putting up studs and looked out the window saw the sun come up as I worked. Today towards the end of the day me and Dale grinded putting up the last few studs because we both worked fast and fluently.

Day 5

Friday’s are free days during mission trips at Next Step and we got to choose what we want to do. This group decided to go to Garden of the Gods and White Water Rafting with the Royal Gorge. It was a day filled with nerves and excitement. When booking our rafting trip, we decided to do the easy route. Our trip consisted of class 2 & 3 rapids. If you know anything about rafting class 2 & 3 rapids are pretty simple.  Once we got off the river everyone in our group was filled with excitement and joy from going. They all said they would have loved to try the higher class rapids.

After we finished rafting, we headed back to the church we were staying at for our last night. It was a night filled with happiness, sadness, and goodbyes. Our church group bonded and made connections with kids from Kansas and North Dakota. We had a great time playing and worshiping together before departing ways.

We’re currently making our way back to Minnesota, with a stop in Nebraska tonight. Once we return, we can’t wait to tell all of our stories!


Day 3 & 4

Day 3

We wanted to go on this mission trip to grow closer with God, experience something new, and help people in need. Today we decided to wake up at 5:30 am to watch the sun rise over the mountains. After that, we went to the house we are working on and primed and painted her bathroom and bedroom. Then, we came back to the church and played games, such as Spicy Uno and Tips. Finally, we had worship. It was a very deep and emotional service that helped us grow closer with God and many other people here. It was overall a very fun day. Although many people dislike car rides, we’re very excited for the ride back because it’s another 15 hours to grow closer with our church family. We’re both nervous to White Water Raft. I’m sure it will be fun (hopefully), but as of right now, we’re terrified.

-Carissa Nascene and Maddy Elliot

Day 4

Today we got up and had breakfast, for breakfast it was egg bake. We had VBS in the morning, we had a fun time dancing and doing crafts with all of the little kids. At lunchtime, we went to the worksite and had devotions with our crew. We had a really good talk with our crew during devotions. After that, we started to scrape paint off the walls and painted some panels. Later, we went with our crew to BJs Velvet Icecream and got some ice cream. When we got back it was our crews turn to clean the showers, suprisingly we had a blast. When we got back to the church we had AMAZING worship and played games.

  • Grace Jahnz and Abby Elliot




Day 2 – 6.18.19

We started the day by waking up and getting to our worksite.  We greeted Sherry, the lady whose house we are working on, and she was happy to see us.  We worked hard painting and made a lot of progress before lunch.  At lunch, we started our devotion.  Sherry decided to join us along with other kids that lived in the trailer park.  It felt good to interact with these kids facing challenges and put a smile on their face.  We finished up and went back to the church for dinner and worship.  After worship, we met as a church and had a good discussion about how we can spread God’s love every day.


-Tanner and Sully

Day 1- mission trip 2019

First, we woke up at 7 in the morning! We then packed up and got ready to go to Sherri’s house where she needed new flooring and some remodeling. After we got ready, everyone held hands and prayed together for a great day and then went on to their sites. We got to the house and right away all of us wanted to meet her. We worked most of the morning and some in the afternoon. After we got done helping her, we went back to the church and had a BBQ with everyone at the church. Then it was time to play some games and after the games, we went into worship and it was so moving to all of us. We sang songs and listen to a guy who told us about a message. Lastly, we all went into our little church groups and talked about how much that message moved us.

June 16, 2019

Today we left Paxton, Nebraska for Colorado Springs, Colorado in a 5-hour drive that most likely turned into 6 hours with all of the stops we made 🙂 The first thing we did when we arrived in the city was visit the natural formation Garden of the Gods. This landscape is incredibly cool and was formed by the mountain building forces of the Rockies. The sandstone-based rock formations were formed millions of years ago and have eroded into different shapes over time. After our visit, we drove 15 minutes to the church that we are staying at for the week. We were welcomed, ate chicken and potatoes, and met with our crew groups for the week! I am excited, as is everyone else, for this week to come! We will be seeing God work through us in amazing ways!

Janae Johnson


Colorado Springs, here we come!

June 15, 2019.

We left Our Redeemer at an awful hour of 6 AM. We started our journey to Colorado Springs packing the vehicles at 5:30 with a departure time of 6 AM. We were up but not quite awake. Today really consisted of driving and bonding. We spent time in the vehicles playing music, talking, eating, and getting ready for our week together. We have spent a lot of time snacking and we are so thankful for everyone who donated food for our trip! We will never go hungry!

Today’s drive mostly consisted of food, bathroom, and gas stops. We drove over half way to Colorado to get the most of our driving done today. However, we made one random stop that mostly I, Leigha, was excited for. I mean it was hard for the kids to get excited or disappointed because they had no idea where we were stopping. I made our group stop at the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps! I mean it was pretty cool (check out the pictures below). Some even listed it as their high during family time! I would like to call that a win.

Finally, we made it to our hotel for the night to get some decent sleep. Our journey continues tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Stay tuned for more updates each night!