Day 2 – Nikki & Kristina

Today, Dale and Mel’s crew (Jolie, Nikki, and Grace) continued work on the roof. Our mission was to lay at least 10 tin sheets. We accomplished that and much more. We put down around 15 sheets! The day continued to get hotter, but luckily, we scheduled some group breaks and were able to stop for water and a little taste of peanut butter for an extra boost of energy before going back to work in the hot sun. A cool thing that happened today was a member of the community named Nancy came by and gave us bracelets that say WVstrong. The woman hands these bracelets out to many of the volunteers within the community.  One way I saw God today was when we gathered for breaks and lunch with our group. I feel as though we have bonded, and we bonded much better today with our Next Step leader Dee. I am excited to see what the rest of the week brings and to see all of the progress our group makes on the roof!  -Nikki

Leigha’s crew (Janae, Madi, Calle, and Kristina) along with a group from Illinois have been working on building a deck. Today we got to start putting together picnic tables which was really fun. We’ve become masters with hammers and nails. Through working together and opening up to each other during lunch devotionals, we’ve grown closer and gotten to know each person of our crew in new ways. We are very thankful that part of our worksite is in the shade! Whenever we get too hot, we can take a step in the shade and instantly feel a little refreshed. I’ve seen God through the new people we’ve met, the open conversations we’ve had, and through our evening worships where we sing, praise, and learn more about God’s love! We’re definitely looking forward to what the rest of this week will bring! – Kristina

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