Day 3 – Janae

Today (7/19), working on the deck of the old middle school was successful. Our group (Janae, Kristina, Calle, Madi, and Leigha) continued to work on the picnic tables and putting boards back down on the deck alongside the other half of our group from Illinois. We got a lot accomplished and we were all super happy. We have three main projects going on at the moment. We have a group of people on putting the deck boards back in, another working on the 4x4s, and the last working on picnic tables. Each of the projects requires drills to complete what is needed to be done. One of our two drills started smoking so we were eventually down to one drill. Instead of being stressed and argumentative towards one another, we were all calm and still happy. We rotated the drill around to the different groups working. Over this, we made a lot of progress despite our desperate need for more drills. We also bonded even more during our lunch. It’s been a great week and I am so thankful to have met the group from Illinois.

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