Summer Mission Trip 2019

June 2019 fourteen students and adults will be traveling to Colorado Springs, CO for a week to serve alongside the community. We are preparing for our trip through various fundraisers, events, service, and worship.

We want you to get to know the group better so each month you will find a blog post that introduces some of the group. Today we start our first post for the upcoming trip.


Hello, my name is Katelyn L. I like to travel and spend time with my family. Some reasons why I’m going on the trip would be that I do want to travel more and also to help out people because I love to help out a lot for some reason. I also want to spend time with friends and to grow a better connection with God. I look forward to helping out people and maybe construction work. The one thing I’m nervous about is what it will be like there and how everyone will work together but I do believe we will all work together and have tons of fun.

Photo on 2-19-19 at 3.55 PM

Hi, my name is Abby E. A fact about me is that I have a twin sister. Some reasons why I am going on the mission trip is because I am excited to travel and be with my friends. I am also excited about this mission trip because we get to help people. I am looking forward to this mission trip to grow a better relationship with God. Something I am nervous about the trip is what it’s going to be like there, but I’m thinking that we are all going to have a lot of fun and work well with each other.Photo on 2-19-19 at 3.56 PM

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