Colorado Springs, here we come!

June 15, 2019.

We left Our Redeemer at an awful hour of 6 AM. We started our journey to Colorado Springs packing the vehicles at 5:30 with a departure time of 6 AM. We were up but not quite awake. Today really consisted of driving and bonding. We spent time in the vehicles playing music, talking, eating, and getting ready for our week together. We have spent a lot of time snacking and we are so thankful for everyone who donated food for our trip! We will never go hungry!

Today’s drive mostly consisted of food, bathroom, and gas stops. We drove over half way to Colorado to get the most of our driving done today. However, we made one random stop that mostly I, Leigha, was excited for. I mean it was hard for the kids to get excited or disappointed because they had no idea where we were stopping. I made our group stop at the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps! I mean it was pretty cool (check out the pictures below). Some even listed it as their high during family time! I would like to call that a win.

Finally, we made it to our hotel for the night to get some decent sleep. Our journey continues tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Stay tuned for more updates each night!


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