Day 3 & 4

Day 3

We wanted to go on this mission trip to grow closer with God, experience something new, and help people in need. Today we decided to wake up at 5:30 am to watch the sun rise over the mountains. After that, we went to the house we are working on and primed and painted her bathroom and bedroom. Then, we came back to the church and played games, such as Spicy Uno and Tips. Finally, we had worship. It was a very deep and emotional service that helped us grow closer with God and many other people here. It was overall a very fun day. Although many people dislike car rides, we’re very excited for the ride back because it’s another 15 hours to grow closer with our church family. We’re both nervous to White Water Raft. I’m sure it will be fun (hopefully), but as of right now, we’re terrified.

-Carissa Nascene and Maddy Elliot

Day 4

Today we got up and had breakfast, for breakfast it was egg bake. We had VBS in the morning, we had a fun time dancing and doing crafts with all of the little kids. At lunchtime, we went to the worksite and had devotions with our crew. We had a really good talk with our crew during devotions. After that, we started to scrape paint off the walls and painted some panels. Later, we went with our crew to BJs Velvet Icecream and got some ice cream. When we got back it was our crews turn to clean the showers, suprisingly we had a blast. When we got back to the church we had AMAZING worship and played games.

  • Grace Jahnz and Abby Elliot