Boston Mission Trip 2021 – Day 1

Leaving Saturday morning bright and early ready for our 12 hr drive!

We MADE IT! It was a long two days in the car driving through 8 different states to make it to Boston. While we will be in Boston on Friday and a few other days we are actually working in a city next to Boston, Stoneham. Our work this week will focus on helping the Boys and Girls club create a new space for this community. The Boys and Girl Club allows teens to come hang out, play, create, and get the support they so desperately need and are looking for. We can’t wait to tell you more about our week and experience at the worksites and in worship. Follow along for more updates and below you can find out what the kids did and learned! -Blessings, Leigha

Yo whats up i’m Spencer Wicktor and i’m on the 2021 Boston mission trip. Today at the worksite, me and my group made benches and put the backs of the benches on for a pool that the Boys and Girls club own and operate. In the bible study we talked about “the artist” and how God is an artist for us. I saw God in my 15 minute nap that I took at the worksite, it was very nice because it refreshed me and fueled me to go do more work. My favorite part of the day was bonding with the group and making benches.

Whats up Im Caden Schlichting and Im on the 2021 Boston mission trip. Today at the worksite me, Dale, Cora, Hannah, and Esther (who are apart of the Next Step staff) put up studs in the attic. I saw God when I took a break from putting up studs and looked out the window saw the sun come up as I worked. Today towards the end of the day me and Dale grinded putting up the last few studs because we both worked fast and fluently.

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