Boston Mission Trip 2021 – Day 2

Day 2 is almost over and our group was working at the Boys and Girls club again doing a variety of tasks which will be talked about below. We also had some time to try out Ice Cream at Richardson’s Ice Cream. It was delicious and had so many flavors to try from. We are excited for a night of games together and with the Next Step staff and another day of working hard and growing together! – Leigha – Enjoy what two of our group members had to say about their day!

My name is Maddox Wiener, I painted and recoated some walls and door frames in the morning and taped some windows so they could be painted later. Later before Lunch I went upstairs to help Dale with the door frame and me and Spencer finished it. After Spencer left Dale and I started another door frame. After that we ate lunch and I immediately got back to work with Dale and we finished the second door frame. Dale and I went on a water break that lasted an hour when we found everyone relaxing outside and looking for treasure. Then Isaac, Maxwell, and I broke stuff in the Chapel.

My name is Isaac Jahnz, I painted one wall and a door frame in the morning. Later before Lunch I started demo in the chapel . After that we ate lunch I got back to work then we found a treasure map. And looked for the treasure we didn’t find it. Then we had a huge break and we kinda did only a little work.

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