Boston Mission Trip 2021 – Day 3

Another day is in the books! It was a hot one but it finally rained which brought in the cool weather and we are oh so excited! We have another day of work and then we will enjoy some time exploring Boston and the beach. Be watching for pictures! – Leigha

Hi, my name is Madyson Bombard. Today I worked mostly with Esther on the stairs going down to the basement, and Caden joined us later. It took a lot of adjusting, but we were finally able to get the stringers level. We all went to Five Guys for lunch and then went back to our jobs. After working for a while longer, we finished the work day with our crews. In worship we focused on talking about where each of us are individually in our relationships with God. Over the trip so far, I have learned that things are not always going to be right on the first try, and you have to be patient in order to get them right. My favorite part of today was getting to work with new people.

Hi, my name is Gabby Schumacher, today i worked on demo with Spencer, Lyle, Isaac, Maxwell, also i worked on pulling the tile up on church floor. It took a lot of worked but we got it done. it was very hot and sweaty. We all went to five guys for lunch and that was fun for getting out and enjoying our lunch with air conditioner. In worship we talked about hale riddle how he passed away and how this one man” i forgot his name ” he was really into this man and he talked about him. My favorite part of today was doing demo and finally getting the upstairs done like framing.

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