Boston Mission Trip 2021 – We missed a few updates..

It’s been a few days since we have posted. Not for a lack of what to right, more because we haven’t had time! Our last few days in Boston were packed full with activities and hanging out with the Next Step Staff! One student has written about his week and time in Boston! Enjoy – Leigha

Hello my name is Eric Abbott. this week I have been in Boston with my church group. the first day was ok we drove to this decent hotel. we woke up really early so that we could get on the road. As most would expect driving for hours was boring. It wasn’t bad though because I had my friends to talk to and play games with. Jumping ahead to the middle of the week we were at the hotel in Boston and we got up a bit late. after waking up we went to the church. everyone was a bit tired but after breakfast everyone was ready to work. I got to paint with my friend Max and a nice lady named Harley. the day went slow but eventually we made it to lunch time. Lunch time was interesting, mainly because we had to do something called devotion. Devotion was just a time where we read stuff from the bible, and had questions to answer and where we could talk about are thoughts. The rest of the day was the same as usual we went to shower, and then we got dinner after a bit of free time. On Thursday we woke up really early again and had breakfast. Then I painted and when lunch rolled around we went to a place with old people. for lunch we had pizza and pop. all was pretty good after that we went back to work. for dinner we went to a restaurant and I got a 5oz lobster roll. I wish I would have gotten the 6oz, but it was still good. I was a bit thirsty so I got me and Max a Chocolate Banana smoothie. when I say this drink was heavenly I mean it.

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