Upcoming Fundraisers

The group has been hard at work bonding and fundraising for this summer’s trip to Colorado. While we are on this journey together and want to keep everyone updated below are a few fundraisers coming up.

Soup and Sandwich March 13 and April 10 serving from 5 to 6:30. We will be working hard in the kitchen making soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Come after or before worship for fellowship and food! A free-will offering will be taken and all proceeds will go towards the costs of the trip. IMG_1615

Grounds for Change Coffee and Tea: We are partnering with an organization that creates fair trade, organic, shade crown, carbon-free coffee and tea. We will be selling coffee and tea March 10 – 24 in the back of the narthex or you can find someone going on the trip and buy directly from them. Coffee sells for $10 a bag and tea $7 a box. A little bit more about Ground for Change below

Grounds for Change is an organization that provides Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified, Carbon Free Certified and Shade Grown, which means the possibility of a real livelihood for coffee growers, a breath of fresh air for the planet, zero net carbon emissions from “crop to cup” and healthy forests for migratory songbirds. By choosing to use our coffee as your fundraiser, you will join us in these efforts. With our unique offering, Cafe Femenino, your sales also directly support an exceptional group of women producers in Peru. This is the first project of its kind and, since its launch in 2004, has been tremendously successful. For more information about the Cafe Femenino Peru coffee and project, visit:




Summer Mission Trip 2019

June 2019 fourteen students and adults will be traveling to Colorado Springs, CO for a week to serve alongside the community. We are preparing for our trip through various fundraisers, events, service, and worship.

We want you to get to know the group better so each month you will find a blog post that introduces some of the group. Today we start our first post for the upcoming trip.


Hello, my name is Katelyn L. I like to travel and spend time with my family. Some reasons why I’m going on the trip would be that I do want to travel more and also to help out people because I love to help out a lot for some reason. I also want to spend time with friends and to grow a better connection with God. I look forward to helping out people and maybe construction work. The one thing I’m nervous about is what it will be like there and how everyone will work together but I do believe we will all work together and have tons of fun.

Photo on 2-19-19 at 3.55 PM

Hi, my name is Abby E. A fact about me is that I have a twin sister. Some reasons why I am going on the mission trip is because I am excited to travel and be with my friends. I am also excited about this mission trip because we get to help people. I am looking forward to this mission trip to grow a better relationship with God. Something I am nervous about the trip is what it’s going to be like there, but I’m thinking that we are all going to have a lot of fun and work well with each other.Photo on 2-19-19 at 3.56 PM

Day 3 – Janae

Today (7/19), working on the deck of the old middle school was successful. Our group (Janae, Kristina, Calle, Madi, and Leigha) continued to work on the picnic tables and putting boards back down on the deck alongside the other half of our group from Illinois. We got a lot accomplished and we were all super happy. We have three main projects going on at the moment. We have a group of people on putting the deck boards back in, another working on the 4x4s, and the last working on picnic tables. Each of the projects requires drills to complete what is needed to be done. One of our two drills started smoking so we were eventually down to one drill. Instead of being stressed and argumentative towards one another, we were all calm and still happy. We rotated the drill around to the different groups working. Over this, we made a lot of progress despite our desperate need for more drills. We also bonded even more during our lunch. It’s been a great week and I am so thankful to have met the group from Illinois.

Day 2 – Nikki & Kristina

Today, Dale and Mel’s crew (Jolie, Nikki, and Grace) continued work on the roof. Our mission was to lay at least 10 tin sheets. We accomplished that and much more. We put down around 15 sheets! The day continued to get hotter, but luckily, we scheduled some group breaks and were able to stop for water and a little taste of peanut butter for an extra boost of energy before going back to work in the hot sun. A cool thing that happened today was a member of the community named Nancy came by and gave us bracelets that say WVstrong. The woman hands these bracelets out to many of the volunteers within the community.  One way I saw God today was when we gathered for breaks and lunch with our group. I feel as though we have bonded, and we bonded much better today with our Next Step leader Dee. I am excited to see what the rest of the week brings and to see all of the progress our group makes on the roof!  -Nikki

Leigha’s crew (Janae, Madi, Calle, and Kristina) along with a group from Illinois have been working on building a deck. Today we got to start putting together picnic tables which was really fun. We’ve become masters with hammers and nails. Through working together and opening up to each other during lunch devotionals, we’ve grown closer and gotten to know each person of our crew in new ways. We are very thankful that part of our worksite is in the shade! Whenever we get too hot, we can take a step in the shade and instantly feel a little refreshed. I’ve seen God through the new people we’ve met, the open conversations we’ve had, and through our evening worships where we sing, praise, and learn more about God’s love! We’re definitely looking forward to what the rest of this week will bring! – Kristina

Day 1

Today at my site we worked on a roof. It was me (Grace), Nicole, Jolie, Dale, and Mel. I’m very scared of heights so climbing up a tall ladder was terrifying. I decided to face my fear and go up on the roof. When I did I looked down and started to panic. I was so high up! I tried to participate on the roof but I was too scared and went back down. I then became the ladder buddy. I held the ladder whenever someone went up or down the ladder. It was super hot out and we had no shade on the roof. But everyone still stayed up there and kept working. Finally taking a shower after sweating was a god send. -Grace

I went into today a little scared because I was separated from my friend.  Today was honestly way better than I even expected.  I worked with Calle, Janae, and Kristina.  There were too many people at the site and not many things to do. I sat around a lot because everyone took up the opportunity to do something. It was really hot but I still had a lot of fun singing to all the throwback songs and being able to eat food and have air conditioning during lunch.  I really hope tomorrow is going to have more things to do so I can get physical and not feel useless. I’m glad that I have the group I have and am able to do this work this week. -Madi

We made it to West Virginia!

After two long days of driving (15 hours which felt like 20), we made it to West Virginia ready to serve and eager to see God’s work working within us and the community of Clendenin.

Yesterday brought us through Chicago for some deep dish pizza and to explore the city (which did not happen… yet). Well, the deep dish took a little longer than anticipated so we decided to do some team building at an escape room and are saving the city for the journey back. WE ALMOST ESCAPED (only 25% escape the room we were in), but to be fair we had the hardest room and none of us had EVER done an escape room. Then we continued on to Indianapolis for a good nights rest. Which was much needed after a long days drive.

Onto Sunday, we joined the great people at Ressurection Lutheran church in Indianapolis for worship – Beautiful church, if you ever go through and get a chance, stop – they were a great host church! Our journey then took us to West Virgina, with a few stops for food and gas but we made it and are tired but excited! Thank you, everyone, who has been praying for us and those who donated. Follow the journey through this blog each day!

2017 Mission Trip: West Virgina

This year 10 ORLC sr. high youth and adults will be traveling to Clendenin, West Virgina for a week (July 15-23) of service to help the community after the devasting flood last summer. The work will be doing is based on community needs that are identified in intentional conversation through Next Step and the community.  Come and hear more about this service and work on July 9th before we leave and join us on August 6th for reflection about this experience.

Below are news links about the flood last year and a report from Next Step Ministries:

“In late June 2016, massive flooding ravished through the Appalachian hills of West Virginia.  Many towns were affected by the floods, however, by the grace of God, our ministry home of Rosedale, WV was passed by with very little flooding and damage.  In the days after the floods, community members in Rosedale, alongside our Next Step volunteer teams put our work in Rosedale on pause and moved to neighboring towns to assist with the response efforts.  For six weeks, Next Step teams “mucked” and assisted homes in nearby Clendenin, who experienced some of the worst flooding in West Virginia.

Residents of Clendenin described the “whole town” as being under water, with floodwaters reaching nearly 35 feet in areas on the community.

The storm left extensive damage but also opened the door to some beautiful new relationships in Clendenin.  Because of these two factors, Next Step has made the decision to continue its relief efforts in Clendenin, WV for the summer of 2017.

All Next Step participants on summer mission trips will work alongside our friends from Rosedale in an effort to assist and support our neighbors in Clendenin.  Due to the nature of response work, the specific projects are not determined at this time.  However, projects will include muck-out and clean-up, interior repair work such as dry-wall and flooring and possibly new home builds or remodels.”

News Reports: http://www.wsaz.com/content/news/Crews-get-first-access-to-town-of-Clendenin-after-flooding-384278451.html



Haiti Mission Trip

The mission trip participants are getting ready for this upcoming trip to Fond Blanc, Haiti. They will be leaving Saturday July 23rd and returning July 30th. Please keep the 15 students and leaders in your prayers. Listed below is a daily schedule and follow the blog during their week. If you are wanting more information check out Next Steps website, http://www.nextstepministries.com/fond-blanc-haiti-2/



3-5:00 // Arrival Time
6:00 //  
7:00 //  
Orientation and Worship
8:00 //  
Project Overview
11:00 //  
Lights Out


7:00    //  Wake up
7:15    //  Breakfast
8:00    //  Morning Devotional
8:15    //  Load-up and depart
8:30    //  Worksite
11:30  //  Lunch and devotional at worksite
4:00    //  Clean-up and pick-up
4:30    //  Showers and free-time
5:30    //  Dinner
6:00    //  Free-time
7:00    //  Worship and programming
8:30    //  Church-time
9:30    //  Free-time
11:00  //  Lights out


8:00    //  Wake up
8:15    //  Breakfast
9:00    //  Morning Devotional
9:15    //  Load-up and depart
8:30    //  Community Outreach/Beach Day
5:30    //  Dinner/ Community Cookout
7:00    //  Worship and programming
8:30    //  Small group (or individual church time)
9:30    //  Free-time
11:00  //  Lights out


7-9am   //  Teams Depart